This is for all of my friends and fellow dancers who have felt the wrath of belly dance haters. Like many, I have worked hard, and continued to push forward to achieve success. Along the journey several bumps have come along from “mysterious” people who are so jealous, that they band together and try to create negative situations. These people are what we call “Haters”.  Haters are jealous of others success and happiness, and rather than congratulate, try to knock others down on their road to success.


     A dear friend of mine inspired me to write this because she is undergoing bouts with haters, and she is letting it get to her, which is a big NO-NO. If you are a talented dancer out there, with a lot to offer, and you love what you do, DO NOT let these haters bring you down or keep you from achieving the success you have worked hard for. This friend of mine will barely perform at events at this point because the haters will stir up so much crap talk that she does not even want to deal with it anymore. But who is the winner? My friend ends up losing, because she does not put herself out there for the world to see how sincerely amazing of a performer she is, and like all marketing……if people do not know that you (product/service)  exist, then they will not know to hire you! So the winner, when you give in, are unfortunately these nasty people. They are the ones who ARE at the events, waiting to see if you will show up…if they won…if they succeeded in causing you to break down, and not perform.


    Last year there was a whole group of women that banded together and were so hateful they actually went up to an event organizer and told this organizer not to let me perform believe it or not! Another group, went up to a workshop host, and told the host not to hire me! Talk about haters! In both situations I will admit that these startling facts did sting, but do you think that kept me or the hosts (who know me and know that I am not a bad person) from going forward? The opposite, I performed and taught, I showed up to both events with full strength, and I challenged these mystery women to come up and tell their garbage to my face…..not ONE did. These people are two faced, barely even know you in most cases, and now these hosts know what terrible and ridiculous people these haters are.


    So for all my fellow dance sisters experiencing haters, do not let it bring you down! These people hate on you because you are achieving success and they are not. They are jealous, two faced (I bet you some are on my friends list and reading this blog right now!), and not worth your time, nor your tears. The best payback is success, so keep working hard, and when you feel like it is unbearable watch this video by Kat Williams. It will have a smile on your face in no time! XOXOX



P.S. The challenge still stands firm haters, come tell me your issues to my face .