For those of you who did not see this on Facebook or Bhuz, here is a little something I made with the help of my fellow friends. It is called “Sh*t Belly Dancers Say” (forgive the naughty word reference). This is actually inspired by last months huge “Sh*t Say” videos craze that scoured all over YouTube. It is super cute and funny! If you are not a belly dancer, no worries, there is some lines of text to help decipher a couple of things. 🙂 It gets better the more you watch I promise.

So enjoy and please share with your fellow belly dancers, friends, family, and anyone else who might get a good laugh from watching our quirky yet so true ways. Special thanks to Zana, Kristina Nazario,Lacey Sanchez, Najmah Nour, and Shawna for the help and input 🙂