belly dancer cyber stalkingI don’t know about you, but Bellydance By Jennifer Inc. has had ENOUGH with inappropriate cyber etiquette via messages on her profiles. The internet is a wonderful thing; one can market and promote their abilities via forums, social networking sites, blogs, and video to name a few.

There is a very dark side though, the side that does not appear publicly for others to see, by way of inappropriate pm’s (Bhuz), DM’s (Twitter), inbox (Facebook), email, text, and Youtube Messages.

While the vast majority of private messages I have received have been overwhelmingly positive (and at times made me tear up with happiness), there is a small percentage that has been made by men and cyber stalkers who send sexualized, offensive and inappropriate comments. Just one of these is enough to throw one over the edge, and as a belly dancer, it seems that my profession attracts these perverts.

No matter how classy and sweet one portrays themselves online, being a woman and a belly dancer seems to call the attention of some men who feel that it is o.k. to tell us how sexy they think we are, or that we should show more skin, or come away and dance for them…ugh!

If you cannot say it in real life to my face or publicly on the internet then do not say it! It is inappropriate cyber etiquette to throw these comments out to someone. Your sexualized, inappropriate comments strike me and many others who deal with these people offensive.

This is an art form. If you cannot say it to another serious profession then what makes you think you can say it to us? Personally, I do not like any man other than my boyfriend telling me that I am sexy or anything else above that. Have respect!

That is enough for tonight. Have you ever been cyber stalked? Received a text from someone you did not know wanting you to dance or meet them somewhere? Unwanted private messages to where you had to block the person because it made you uncomfortable? Many of us have. So what should we as a community do to prevent this and educate?

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