As many of you know this Orlando belly dance artist has her own line of belly dance costumes as Bellydance By Jennifer Inc. There is much to explore in costuming but here is one aspect one must consider…Revealing Bellydance Costumes. Belly dance costuming comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes and is meant to enhance the performance whether it gives off a certain mood, is meant to pop for effect, raises eyebrows, or fits a cultural context.

How much skin to show is a matter of personal choice and what every belly dancer feels comfortable in bearing is his/her own preference. The question then is, just because one CAN, should they?

There was a time when it was enough for a belly dancer to wear a thobe and simply let her hair show in public, but over the decades naturally, the amount of skin that one can acceptably reveal per culture has grown in varying degrees.

So what is your side? Here are some Pro’s and Con’s and my two cents will come in Part II!

Pro Side Arguments:

  • •    “If I am an artist and am free to express myself then why not be able to express my sexuality freely”
  • •    “It is my body and I can do whatever I please”
  • •    “I am proud of my body, so why hide it”?
  • •    “ I do not want to blend in, I want to shock the audience with my costuming choices”
  • •    “There is no such thing as too much skin”

Con Side Arguments:

  • •    “In many countries and places showing the belly and wearing a costume bra is already showing enough skin”
  • •    “The focus should be on the DANCE, not on the dancers revealing costume”
  • •    “Less is not more! Too much skin is too much skin and gives off the wrong message”
  • •    “If as a woman I am nervous about whether the dancers boobs will pop out or bottom will show, imagine the men”! It is uncomfortable to watch
  • •    “What message are we sending to children and aspiring belly dancers? There are just as many Beautiful dancers, who DO keep it in balance”

What are your thoughts on this? What are your rule of thumbs and how much skin do you feel comfortable showing? There is no wrong or right answers in this, it is all a matter of opinion. Share your thoughts below on Revealing Bellydance Costumes in my Orlando Belly Dance Comment box below and if you want to stay up to date subscribe to the Bellydance By Jennifer Inc. blog RSS feed 🙂