With so many private events, my new belly dance DVD, and upcoming wedding, I haven’t blogged in some time…but I am so glad to be back! Today I wanted to reflect on the warm and intimate 40th birthday party celebration in Ocala I recently belly danced for. Cassie had hired me a year ago for her best friend Trisha’s pre-wedding party, and called me again this year as she had a very special idea in mind…she wanted my Belly Dancing for a 40th Birthday Party.

This year, her best friend was turning 40 and due to a few obstacles in life, Cassie and her close circle of friends were going to take Trisha out to a local restaurant and simply dine a bit and then go home. Cassie, wanted more! She told me about how much she loved the elegance and energy of my belly dance shows and that the girls still talked about last years’ party. So this year, she wanted to bring me up to Ocala, Florida once more and re-wear the gorgeous custom sari’s they had ordered for the wedding last year. She also wanted to bring her best friend to a more elegant restaurant.

Once there, the idea would be for me to come in mid-dinner and surprise them all with an Egyptian style show as they were highly interested in a show of that style for this occasion. Of course I said yes! I am so humbled and honored by my family of clients. A referral is the best gift a performer can get, and equally so a happy, repeat client.

For this show I decided to go VERY Egyptian for them. My entrance was comprised of an Eskanderani with Melaya Leff routine, followed by a modern saidi utilizing assaya. An upbeat shaabi proceeded, then a drum solo and we finished it all of with another great shaabi song to get all of the kids and family up and dancing together.

The staff at the restaurant were making me laugh as I could see their heads peeking through the door window to the private room. Thankyou Cuvee Wine and Bistro in Ocala for allowing me to come in and start Belly Dancing for a 40th Birthday Party

at your restaurant. Thank you to Cassie, Trisha and all of your wonderful and helpful family of friends. No event is the same, no day is the same, and the warmth and love I feel from you all is overwhelming. It is why I love what I do, and am happy to spread the joy. I am honored to be at your events and belly dance for birthday parties and more.

Certain clients have a very special energy, and make me feel so welcomed and just warm my heart. Cassie and her close group of friends are that to me. Between a birthday party, a pre-wedding party, and now a 40th birthday party surprise, I feel so close to them and their families.

If you would like for me to come in and start Belly Dancing for a 40th Birthday Party in Orlando, FL or beyond, click below to learn more about my birthday party entertainment packages.