Are you planning a Halloween Party? If so, what are you thinking about for Halloween Party Entertainment? I will be frank, this year I am quite sad that my close friends will not be throwing their own parties, so I am relying on yours jiji! I would love to be dancing the night away with your guests and fitting whatever fun theme you have planned, but as Halloween is only a couple weeks away, there are a few things you need to know, so that we both have a spooky, yet fun time!

1. If you have a fabulous party theme such as masquerade, glow lights, 80’s, Michael Jackson, or monsters, please let your choice of Halloween entertainment know (I would greatly appreciate it). This way I can match the theme, colors, and make you look good!

2. Halloween is 2 weeks away, so what are you waiting for! Do not procrastinate or second guess any longer, go to my hire page right now, and book me so that I can dance at your party, and not be stuck at home with no parties to go to that night lol!

3. Do not offer the belly dancer drinks please. Trust me, the cocktails, punches, and treats will all look amazing, but I have a job to do. Thank you for thinking to offer though, but no drinking/eating on the job here. I need to keep my figure for your show.

4. Want to surprise the guests with a scary entrance? This is a really fun option you should consider. If you have a pet this is even better? You can dress you dog with a spider suit, and I follow with lit candles in a white veil for spooky effect, or the light can go completely dark and I enter with glow wings as they begin to flickr. Let’s make one heck of a spooky entrance, what do you say?

5. Holidays are a little pricier yes. I typically charge 50% more on the actual holiday night, so if you want to save, hire me the day before or after, or refer me for your friends Halloween party and we can waive the fee. Either way, the prices are always well worth the show and charisma with your guests that you will get.

Make this years’ Halloween entertainment more creative, more custom, and better than all the other parties you have been to. Even though a belly dancer is not used for Halloween in the Middle East of course, here in America it has become a fun and unique way to entertain, and with a custom Halloween Party Show of mine, everything form the costume, to the accessories, to the props and entrance/exit mayhem, can all be made to make both worlds mesh together beautifully.

So, if you are planning a Halloween Party and it is Mid October, let’s chop chop and book your Belly dance Halloween Party Entertainment now by simply going to my hire page, and let’s get this show on the road!