So you are searching for Bellydancers for Birthday Parties in Orlando, and you come across my birthday party page, or perhaps another blog post on unique birthday party entertainment that I offer, but you still have a few questions. For today’s blog, I am going to get into the before and after of the show so that hopefully you have a complete sense of how this all works.

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Custom Shows for Birthday Parties in Orlando

When it comes to planning the show for birthday parties, and after you have hired me by signing my small contract, this is where the creative fun can begin. Each show is custom tailored, and what that means for you is that I am going to need to know:

  1. a) You or the birthday honoree’s cultural background. Why? Because the music I choose can reflect that and really celebrate your heritage.


  1. b) I am going to want to know the color of the decorations or theme, this way I can match, and all my props can even coordinate as well. This detail always looks great.


  1. c) I am going to need the DJ’s information in advance to coordinate music and/or speak to you about your I-pod capabilities, that way we know what cables I need to bring if any


  1. d) What is the age of the crowd roughly? If most are over 40, that will be quite a different song selection than if the crowd was mostly under 40.  Choosing music that gives the crowd nostalgia if they are over 40 is definitely always a winner for that age group.


  1. e) I will also request that you send me the venue information (so I can look up the pictures of the space) or pictures of your proposed dance area in your home to make sure that I have enough space to use certain props and not hit anyone with them accidentally.


Birthday Parties in Orlando, FL in particular are a lot of fun, but they do require a bit of planning. 


Before I ever enter your home we will quickly plan how to sneak me in which is always quite funny! I will arrive dressed in regular party attire with all my bags and equipment packed, so that if I must enter through the front door or be seen by a guest, they think I am a co-coworker. Why do I need to be sneaked in? This is so that we do not spoil the surprise, we avoid me getting stopped by guests for pictures, or have a crowd of children so excited for the bellydancer that they stand outside the door the entire time as I am trying to prepare.

Once I am dressed and ready, I will hand you a prop or two, which you will set on small table or counter right by the dance area. I will call you or the DJ immediately to let them know I am ready and then the music can play, and the show finally begin. The birthday honoree will be so shocked at the surprise and the smile upon realizing they have a bellydancer for their birthday party will be enormous.


After the show, I will bow, pick up any props I can quickly, and if anything is left behind, please simply bring it to my changing area along with the I-Pod.  As I change, that is typically when my clients will go grab their payment envelope, any extra tip, and if any tips were thrown over me during my show, that will be gathered as well. As soon as I have finished getting back into party attire, I will receive your payment, I will always ask you for feedback on the performance, and even snap a photograph with you as long as you have a moment (these are my keepsakes).


If you want to read more about my birthday party entertainment visit my birthday party Bellydance page.

Thank you for deciding to use unique entertainment in the form of Bellydancers for Birthday Parties in Orlando, it is a wonderful experience you will never forget!