Wedding season has been in full swing and I wanted to take a moment to reflect and say thank you to all of the couples who chose me to belly dance and provide entertainment for their wedding in Orlando, FL and Tampa, FL.

I was going through all of my contracts since I began Bellydance By Jennifer Inc. and it was so nostalgic and cool to see. I was laughing at my first contract as it was so basic, my prices were beginner prices, and I basically had no notes written at the time as I had not even thought about how many referrals would come about.

Now the contracts I have are branded, the price reflects the level of performance today and all of the information provided allows for great communication with my clients.

In terms of weddings,  this year has been the most I have done in one year so far and the years keep getting better and better. Birthdays and Weddings are my most popular events, and to be able to look back and see how much the company and service has evolved was pretty neat.

Thank you to all of the brides who called, watched the videos, and trusted in me to provide something fun and beautiful on their big day. I will be married soon as well, and know just how important it is to hire someone that will make the wedding pop and not cloud it with a so-so performance.

Thank you to all of the Tampa and Orlando D.J’s who have been a pleasure to work with, who have referred more work my way, and create gorgeous lighting and sound for the pictures and video.

Unique Wedding Entertainment Packages:

If you plan to get married in the next year, take a quick read through these packages, visit my wedding reception page to watch a short video and then head on over to my Hire PAGE to contact me about all of the festivities.

  1. Show Stopper (Most Popular Show): This show lasts approximately 30 minutes and is comprised of 7 parts…
    1. A high energy entrance piece where I show off why I am a world champion and introduce myself to your audience
    2. A balance act: sword or candle tray
    3. Newly Wed dance to bring laughter and comedy.
    4. Specialty prop act
    5. Regional/folkloric dance (optional a)
    6. Drum solo
    7. Crowd dance
    8. Crowd dance (optional b)

The show is followed by a 10 minute break and then I re-appear and take photographs’ with guests for 15 minutes.

Price: This show has a base price of $350 (travel fee is additional).

  1. The Fire Teaser: This show last 15-20 minutes and is comprised of 5 parts…
    1. Entrance with fire palms
    2. Lively entrance piece
    3. Balance act with fire tray
    4. Drum solo
    5. Crowd dance

Please keep in mind the venue must approve this show. The base price in Orlando, FL is $350.

  1. Two-Part  Show Stopper: This routine lasts 50 minutes and is ideal  if you need entertainment for the cocktail hour and wedding reception.

Here Jennifer will sashay around the room during cocktail hour for 20 minutes and take photographs with guests and do light dancing.

After a break, the couple will enter the reception room for the first time as husband and wife and before all of the traditional dances and toasts, Jennifer will perform and opening show to surprise all of the guests and warm them up for the night of fun to come.

Price: $500 base price in Orlando, FL

There are many more options to choose from, so make sure to visit my Orlando wedding entertainment page to begin our journey. Have  a great weekend and Bellydance on!