Bellydancing With Arthritis


I was watching the hands and arms of some of my favorite dancers on youtube last night and while so inspired and happy to watch them again, I had a moment of sincere hand lust and sadness. I have been experiencing more consistent and prolonged flare-ups of arthritis. It lasts for quite some time and […]

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Hire a Bellydancer In Orlando, FL for Your Birthday Party!

Why should you hire a bellydancer for your birthday party…because it beats anything else, that is why! How? Let me show you! As you can see from the video, the belly dance entertainment is designed to be interactive and features quite a variety of acts to keep guests on their toes. Sometimes clients say, “just play […]

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How a Bellydancer Does a Wedding


After countless performances entertaining for weddings in Orlando, FL and around the globe, when my now husband proposed to me, from the onset I knew exactly what would make us happy on our wedding day. Before I was a full time bellydancer, I had been promoted to event manager for a popular catering and events […]

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What the Difference is For a Bellydancer When Performing For a Birthday Party or Wedding in Orlando, FL


When it comes to performing for a birthday or wedding in Orlando, FL it seems many a dancer tends to choose one or the other as their favorite. In fact many will go as far as charging extra for weddings compared to birthdays, or offering a completely separate show. The way I see it, it a […]

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