Costuming Corner

Tips, newest designs, video tutorials and more for the inner costume diva in us brought to you by Bellydance By Jennifer Inc.

Overly Revealing Costumes: Pro or Con? Part I


As many of you know this Orlando belly dance artist has her own line of belly dance costumes as Bellydance By Jennifer Inc. There is much to explore in costuming but here is one aspect one must consider…Revealing Bellydance Costumes. Belly dance costuming comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes and […]

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Sewing Parties Keep Belly Dance Stress Away


Sewing is a big part of my life as a professional belly dancer and designer. Running a successful small business, I often work over-time to keep the train running smoothly. The only problem is that “me” time quickly goes by the wayside with meetings, gigs, restaurant work, private classes, website […]

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Easy Shamadan Project for Belly Dancers

Hello everyone so I made this quick video tutorial on how I decorated and made my blingtastic and unique shamadan. Like many of you I have the bling-a-holic disorder so here is a little idea to calm some of your cravings. The process was simple and easy and best of […]

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