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These posts are for us to get into the nitty gritty of the industry, share ideas and news in our field and talk about our experiences as belly dancers. Check out the belly dancers corner.

Why Belly Dance Keeps Us Young

bellydance keeps us young

Right now, I am at a time in my life where everybody change is being felt, and I am more aware than ever of how my body reacts to certain stimuli. I often hear non-dancers talk about their evenings, their stresses, their lives….and I often wonder to myself, how nice […]

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Bellydancing With Arthritis


I was watching the hands and arms of some of my favorite dancers on youtube last night and while so inspired and happy to watch them again, I had a moment of sincere hand lust and sadness. I have been experiencing more consistent and prolonged flare-ups of arthritis. It lasts […]

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